Sunday, November 7, 2010

The blog it is a-changin'

I haven't written on this blog for a long time. Last post is more than a year old. But that's gonna change, I hope.

Problem with this blog is that it lacks focus on one thing. I'm dealing with game reviews, book reviews, programming tips and random ramblings at the same time. However, I don't want focus on only one thing, because that way I might end up with 10 blogs with each having one entry per year. Instead I want to narrow the scope of blog. So from today on, I'll put all IT and programming-related blog posts to a separate blog, which I'm going to write from scratch in Ruby.

Also, I'll stop writing game reviews. I'm not gonna stop writing about games in general though, at least not for a while. Recently I started thinking about game addiction and the overall vanity of excessive gaming in general - some essays on these topics are coming soon.

Other than that, I want to keep reviewing books, if for no other reason than to keep track of books I've read. Some music reviews and band profiles might come up as well, if my inner hipster decides to come out of his closet :).

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